Movie Ideas You Can Script & Shoot

Here and there different friends have pitched me on a movie idea they have. Loosely quoting it usually starts with, “I have this great idea for a movie.” The same thing when I receive emails from aspiring screenwriters. Making movies is experience. You learn at every stage and with time you learn more. A trend I’ve noticed with most movie ideas I get is they’re not realistic for true grunt independent filmmakers to make. I have a friend who has a phenomenal idea for a heist movie set in the late 80′s.

I was glued to his pitch. After he was done I told him there was nothing I could do with his story. I already knew the movie idea was way too big for any budget I might be able to put together. What he said to me lead to this article. “Then what do I have to do? How come we can’t make it a movie?”

The following advice is directed towards aspiring filmmakers that want to go from movie idea to movie treatment to script they can shoot outside of Hollywood. This won’t help you if you want to write a blockbuster script to pitch to producers, studios, or agents. It’s for people who need to write a script based on the resources they have to get through an entire film shoot. Write down a dozen movie ideas you have, see what is realistic to shoot yourself within your budget and resources.

You’ve come up with a movie idea you really believe in. Now it’s time to flesh it out and see if it can be shot with the resources you have. When fleshing out your movie idea be honest with yourself about what type of story you can bring to life as a movie. When I flesh out a movie idea I start by making notes of creative elements I want to include in the story.

Next I note what locations and vehicles I know I will have access to during filming. These two elements lend a great deal to the overall style and look of a film. Don’t underestimate what locations and vehicles can add or detract from a movie. Problems are an absolute guarantee when you make a movie. I’ll share what I did to solve problems to finish a movie and get distributed to viewers. There are many moving pieces when making a movie, friction develops, and the entire production can break down quickly if you’re not prepared for what to expect. I’m here to share my real life experiences making movies.

Best Romantic Movies – Top Five

Romantic movies have made a huge comeback in recent times. One of the most popular sub categories of romantic movies it the romantic comedy. This genre is a very popular movie type in Hollywood right now. You will see that a huge number of big name actors and actresses are staring in romantic comedies. There are also some very classic romantic movies that are making a comeback. Some movies can stand the test of time while others can’t. I’ve spent some time and I have compiled a list of all-time best romantic movies from all romantic genres. I have included classics with new releases. Here is my list of all-time best romantic movies.

1. Ghost

Ghost is another classic romance story. It’s a very touching and emotional movie. While the young couple is walking home Sam is jumped and murdered. He then comes back to rescue Molly by communicating through a psychic.

2. Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is a beautiful story that every woman loves and understands. It’s a modern twist on Cinderella. A rich man and a prostitute the most unlikely pair end up falling in love as he turns her from a down and out street walker to a lady of high society.

3. Casablanca

Another very touching story of love lost. Bar owner Rick must decide if he will help his ex escape the city with her rebel husband and risk losing her forever or if he will try to keep her with him.

4. The Notebook

If you need a good cry this is the movie for you. This is the story of a young couple from the 1940′s to present day. Things try their relationship but they overcome them. This is a must see but prepare to cry your eyes out.

5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a classic romance. It’s the tried and true story of a struggling writer and a New York socialite. They meet and fall in love under unusual circumstances. 

There are many other romantic movies out there and many others that have won awards. One of the best ways to watch classic movies it to watch them online. There are a ton of free movie sites out there that let you watch them for free. 

Movie Screenwriter

Have you ever dreamed of a movie screenwriter making your memoirs come to life on the big screen? You’re not alone. A movie screenwriter has the power to transform the amazing story of your life into a film. If your life story is amazing or inspirational, you should consider sharing it with the entire world.

Why People Write Memoirs

A lot of people have asked themselves: ”Why would someone want to write their memoirs?” People have all sorts of reasons why they want to write their memoirs and in most cases, they have advice or a lesson to pass on to the world. There are people who have suffered immense tragedies and somehow managed to survive and make something positive of their life, people who were extremely lucky, or people who have managed to do some fantastic things. Some say they have chosen to write their memoirs because they wanted to leave something for their grandchildren, as the way of life has completely changed and they want their children to know how life was ”back then.” Others want the entire world to know the real person, the one who has hidden an entire life behind a wall or behind the job. Some people just want to write something for themselves as a reminder later to help them recall every detail even when they grow older.

Is Your Memoir Right for Movie?

Most of those who want to write their memoirs do not have the intention of becoming famous. They don’t even realize their story is great for a movie screenwriter who can easily transform it into a touching movie. Their intentions are purely personal and family related. You can’t even imagine how many strong people are out there, individuals who have managed to overcome tragedy. They lost dear ones in tragic ways or even remained alone after losing their entire family. Some live with all sorts of guilt, they live with untold stories of their kindness and heroic acts. These are the people who realize, at one point, that they should write their memoirs, because there is something interesting in their past that needs to be written down.

Many of these phenomenal people don’t realize a movie screenwriter can use their memoirs and transform them into life lessons for the entire world. I personally consider the work of a movie screenwriter as extremely important. Capturing elements of true stories in a movie touches the hearts of viewers in life-changing ways. Sometimes, screenwriters succeed in creating inspiration and touching movies based on true stories, and this is the reason why, from time to time, a movie screenwriter directs his or her attention towards memoirs they know might make an absolutely outstanding movie.