Writing a Movie Treatment

Writing a movie treatment is the most essential part of creating a successful movie. Writing a movie treatment will help to make the story presentable and acceptable to film makers and movie-goers and it will dramatically help the screenwriting process. In the film industry, it is vital to be creative and follow the necessary elements of the film treatment. This helps film makers to take a genuine interest in creating your film. Most often, treatments are first read by the director’s agent. Nevertheless, if the agent is impressed it will likely be passed on to the director who has the buying power.

Pointers to be Kept in Mind When Writing a Treatment

• The treatment should be a brief but descriptive picture of the whole story. It is very vital to make it interesting to read and captivating. The excitement of the story should be brought to the attention of the reader right at the start, through the selection of meaningful and descriptive words.

• Writing a movie treatment involves editing to perfection. It is essential to create a synopsis of the story, which would provide descriptions of each character and the flow of the story without diverting from the main plot.

• Writing a movie treatment in the present tense is the only acceptable option irrespective of the genre, concept, or story. Creating a virtual experience of the film through the selection of vibrant words, structure, and the arrangement of sentences in the paragraphs is key to a well-accepted film treatment.

Advantages of Writing a Treatment for Movies

A film treatment is like a guideline that provides an essential road map for the screenwriter to complete a presentable film and also for the film makers, producers, and actors. Writing a movie treatment provides the specific guidelines for the screenwriter to continuously refine the initial story for an appealing, presentable film. It also helps the filmmakers to gain a clear picture of the story and know whether the writer understands the key concepts of story structure.


Writing a movie treatment enables young creative writers aspiring to become screenplay writers an ability to attract new clients, clearly exhibit their writing talent, and also market their idea or the story quickly among the decision makers. While writing a movie treatment, it is extremely important to ensure that the treatment is flawless, well documented with standard formatting, creative, and uses powerful words capable of painting the right picture for the readers to provide a film viewing experience.

Prometheus Movie Review

Prometheus is yet another Sci-Fi thriller with a more serious portfolio to it. The movie involves exploration of the universe, and with the universe comes the concept of aliens in every Sci-Fi movie. This movie isn’t any exception too. Find out below if Prometheus will give you something different.


The story of the movie involves a group of explorers who want to make a break through discovery by finding the source of the human origin on Earth. They take on a journey which leads them to the most haunted places of the universe, which will not only puts their life at stake but the entire mankind too.


The main cast line includes:

* Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace)
* David (Michael Fassbender)
* Janek (Idris Elba)
* Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron)
* Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green)
* Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce)


Since its release on May 30, 2012, the movie has earned a worldwide figure of $158,069,945. The film had been nominated for the Best Sound Editing and Summer Blockbuster Summer 2012 Trailer at the Golden Trailer Awards. It awaits its result for three nominations at the Teen Choice Awards. The haunting set up of the film drew quite a lot of popularity for the film giving it a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Prometheus movie review

Prometheus, the new prequel to “Alien”, echoes one of the lost elements in the science fiction of today. It is your prerogative if you want to pay extra to watch the third dimension especially when even two would do just fine. Director Ridley Scott is back to a familiar territory, introducing the first Prometheus to the audience, or “the Engineers” who are muscular humanoids with big sclera-less eyes.

“Prometheus” is based on the story of Xenomorphs right from the very start. And, after watching the film, you will see that it isn’t really about the aliens. The story revolves around the people involved in the wreckage of a huge inter-galactic journey. Film’s writer, Damon Lindelof and Scott wanted the story to stray away from the original “Alien,” and develop its own story. The story moves on intelligently, in a simple and inquisitive manner. But post the midpoint the film somehow slows down, but still keeps the audience captivated.

It is about an archaeologist’s couple trying to look into our origins, Charlie Holloway and Elizabeth Shaw. Shaw and Holloway are lovers, too and trying to find the answer to where did humans come from. A senior uber-rich man named Peter Weyland (Guy Pierce) funds the expedition, and the creation of a new scientific vessel named Prometheus.

They discover a star map that leads them to a distant moon tracking an alien world. Their mission, although scientific in nature, is still ill-defined. The group of 17 has a resident cyborg, David, (Michael Fassbender). And surprisingly the whole team is minus any weapons!

To wrap up Prometheus movie review, like its simulated predecessor Alien, is aesthetically noteworthy; its horror is more terrestrial. It seems you are relatively safer in the space but when you touchdown on a stranded planet then it a different story altogether.

Toy Story 3 LEGO Sets Provide a Wealth of Fun Gift Ideas

Think back to 2005, before the Disney/Pixar merger. Would you ever have expected to see another installment in the Toy Story franchise? Pixar’s Steve Jobs and John Lasseter seemed to have little interest in creating another Toy Story sequel. And while The Walt Disney Company’s executives wanted another picture, Disney’s animation studios lacked the creative quality necessary to create a movie that rivaled Pixar’s magical storytelling and quality.

How quickly time flies. Fast forward through the Disney/Pixar merger to 2010 and this year’s blockbuster hit, Toy Story 3. In addition to being a terrific movie, it has come with an amazing portfolio of toys based on the movie.

And when you combine the ingenuity of the LEGO brand, one of the top toy brands for boys, with Disney/Pixar magic, you have a recipe for success. The Toy Story LEGO collection has been wowing little boys all through 2010.

If you’re shopping the LEGO aisles looking for the perfect LEGO Toy Story gift for this holiday, have a look at this list to see my top picks.

LEGO Toy Story Woody and Buzz Rescue (7590) – This set is a fun way for boys to relive the exciting rescue scene where Buzz and Woody race to catch up with Andy’s moving truck.

LEGO Toy Story Woody’s Round Up (7594) – This set will help your silly little boy reenact the Stinky Pete scenes from the second movie. With a lot of detail, this is a great set. However, it’s best for those boys who like Woody as much as they like Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear.

LEGO Toy Story Western Train Chase (7597) – The railroad dream adventure is a favorite scene from the movie and this is a great set to play that scene. It has 584 pieces and includes figures of Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Rex, Bullseye and Hamm. Parents have been saying that this is a premier LEGO set that inspires a lot of imaginative play in their children.

LEGO DUPLO Toy Story The Great Train Chase 5659 – For younger kids, LEGO Duplo bricks are a great way to get them involved in the fun of LEGO. If you’re shopping for little ones from 2-3 years old, this easy-to-assemble set might be an appropriate gift.

LEGO Toy Story Trash Compactor Escape (7596) – The scene here, the escape from the trash compactor, may be one of the scariest scenes in all 2010 movies.

Buying a gift can be complicated, especially if you’re buying for someone else’s children. I hope this article makes your shopping decision easier.